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Teaching Job Listings

Teaching internships provide the opportunity for current students to gain experience. A teacher’s aide works in a classroom setting, under the supervision of an experienced teacher, including a number of weeks leading the class. The Educational Testing Service Praxis Exam is required for new teachers in most states.

US Department of Education

Department of Education website

Federal Student Aid
Education Statistics
Office for Civil Rights
Elementary and Secondary Education
English Language Acquisition
Innovation and Improvement
Postsecondary Education
Safe and Drug-Free Schools
Special Education, Rehabilitative Services
Office of Vocational and Adult Education

List of State Teacher Certification Websites

Each school district has particular application procedures in place, so you must know the requirements of the state in which you are seeking a teaching position. Contact the appropriate state board of education, using the following links. Read postings on their website thoroughly to ensure you meet all the requirements, and be sure to file your job application before listed submission deadlines.

State DepartmentsDirect Website Links
Alabama State Department of
Alabama Teacher Certification
Alaska Department of
Alaska Teacher
Arizona Department of
Arizona Teacher
Arkansas Department of
Arkansas Teacher
California Department of
California Teaching
California Learning Resource Network (CLRN)
Colorado Department of
Colorado Teacher
Connecticut Department of
Connecticut Educator Certification
Delaware Department of
Delaware Teaching
District of Columbia Public
Florida Department of
Florida Education
Georgia Department of
Georgia Educator
Hawaii Department of
Hawaii Teachers
Idaho State Department of
Idaho Teacher
Illinois Department of
Illinois Educator Licensure
Indiana Department of
Indiana Teacher
Iowa Department of
Iowa Teaching
Kansas State Department of
Kansas Teacher
Kentucky Department of
Kentucky Teacher
Louisiana Department of
Louisiana Teacher
Maine Department of
Maine Teacher
Maryland Department of
Maryland Teacher
Massachusetts Department of
Michigan Department of
Michigan Teacher
Minnesota Department of
Mississippi Department of
Missouri Department of Higher
Missouri Department of Primary
Missouri Teacher Certification
Montana Office of Public
Montana Educator
Nebraska Department of
Nevada Department of
Nevada Teacher
New Hampshire Department of
New Hampshire Bureau of
New Jersey Department of
New Jersey Teaching
New Mexico Public Education
New Mexico Teacher
New York State Education
New York Teacher
New York Virtual Learning
North Carolina Department of Public
North Carolina Educator
North Dakota Educator
Ohio Department of
Ohio Educator
Oklahoma State Department of
Oklahoma Teacher
Oregon Department of
Oregon TSPC License
Pennsylvania Department of
Pennsylvania Teacher
Rhode Island Department of Education
Rhode Island Educator
South Carolina State Department of
South Carolina Educator Certification
South Dakota Department of
South Dakota Teacher
Tennessee Department of
Texas Education
Utah Education
Utah State Office of
Utah Teacher
Vermont Agency of
Vermont Educator Licensing
Virginia Department of
Virginia Teacher
Washington State
Washington Superintendent of Public
West Virginia
West Virginia Department of
Wisconsin Department of Public
Wisconsin Licensing
Wyoming Department of

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Teaching Job Listings

Schools and other educational organizations may require a curriculum vitae (CV) instead of a resume. A curriculum vitae should be around three to four pages, as compared to to a one-page resume. A CV focuses on your specific qualifications, whereas a resume sketches a broad outline. Also, teachers are often asked to show that they are computer literate. In the interview, be sure to discuss how you hope to impact the lives of your students. Your reference list should include supervisors or coworkers. High school teachers must have a bachelor’s degree. In addition, public school teachers must have a state-issued certification or license. The average annual salary for high school teachers was $57,200, in May 2015. Employment growth is expected due to larger class sizes and increasing enrollment. Please browse the following teaching job listings, updated hourly:

Links below list current openings:Starting Salary
(up to)
10 Year Salary
(up to)
Art Teachers$48,250$64,270
Biology Teachers$62,110$82,110
Business Professors$64,220$90,620
Chemistry Teachers$65,100$86,910
Computer Science Teachers$65,000$88,780
Education Administration$57,410$94,960
Elementary School Teachers$48,700$62,720
Engineering Teachers$52,080$89,610
English Teachers$57,320$74,290
High School Teachers$41,150$61,100
History Teachers$43,200$71,530
Kindergarten Teachers$40,480$65,420
Math Teachers$46,010$72,040
Physics Teachers$49,950$77,540
Special Education Teachers$52,550$80,170
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Education Department Rankings – Undergraduate

 1. Stanford University – Stanford, CA
 2. Yale University – New Haven, CT
 3. University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA
 4. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI
 5. University of Minnesota Twin Cities – Minneapolis, MN
 6. University of California Berkeley – Berkeley, CA
 7. Harvard University – Cambridge, MA
 8. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – Champaign, IL
 9. University of Chicago – Chicago, IL
10. Columbia University – New York, NY
11. University of California San Diego (UCSD) – La Jolla, CA
12. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) – Los Angeles, CA
13. Indiana University – Bloomington, IN
14. University of Colorado Boulder – Boulder, CO
15. Carnegie Mellon University – Pittsburgh, PA
16. University of Wisconsin – Madison, WI
17. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Cambridge, MA
18. Princeton University – Princeton, NJ
19. University of Washington – Seattle, WA
20. University of Oregon – Eugene, OR
21. Cornell University – Ithaca, NY
22. University of Texas Austin – Austin, TX
23. UNC Chapel Hill – Chapel Hill, NC
24. Brown University – Providence, RI
25. Northwestern University – Evanston, IL
26. Stony Brook University – Stony Brook, NY
27. Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore, MD
28. Duke University – Durham, NC
29. Penn State University – State College, PA
30. New York University (NYU) – New York, NY

    Source: US News, Forbes, and Bloomberg


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Job Listings
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Android Apps$84,350
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EMT, Paramedics$39,390
Environmental Jobs$72,590
Graphic Design$49,300
Human Resources$32,200
Medical Assistants$28,980
Lab Technicians $30,550
Mental Health$34,550
Nursing Jobs$47,760
Physical Therapists$65,050
Public Relations$40,670
SWIFT, iOS$85,400
Tech Jobs$60,850
Vocational Nurses (LVN)$44,480
Website Design$58,500
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